This Thanksgiving holiday we went to Turkey. I always heard that the food and restaurants are so great there. So, me and Larry ask a taxidriver to take us to the most famous Turkish restaurant in Istanbul.

“Ready to order?”, the waiter asks.

“Yes, and since it’s Thanksgiving today, and we are here in Turkey, we really would like a real Turkey dinner!”

“Yes, all our dishes are of course in Turkish style! What would you like to order?”

“ Ehh…Turkey…”

“ Ah, our Turkish special! With guts from goat, on garlic bread!

“Hell no! We want Turkey, the huge bird, you know!

“ Ah, chicken, large fried chicken, good choice! French fries?”

“No, no, no! Turkey, we want Turkey, no bloody chicken, not on the day of Thanksgiving!”

“ Perfect, Large Chicken, Turkish style, it’s on it’s way!”

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