A new war drone is currently being developed by Lockhead Fartin, it’s said to be impossible to detect by radar or any visual method. The drone model is called Birdy Bam Bam.

Head of Research at Lockhead, Jeb Blastfield: “Hells yeah! The drone, it looks and acts exactly like an ordinary *Tundra bean goose. That’s a goose that breeds in Siberia. So the Russians will never know what hit them before it’s too late. I mean, this thing ain’t no birdshit!”

*The tundra bean goose (Anser serrirostris) is a goose that breeds in northern Siberia. This and the taiga bean goose are recognised as separate species by the American Ornithological Society and International Ornithologists’ Union, but are considered a single species by other authorities (collectively called bean goose). Wikipedia