Apocalypse Wow

See the world go under from your very own front row seat! Our space shuttle, Titan is taking off just before the apocalypse. However it looks, we are prepared for almost anything. We will remain airborne for 24-hours, with all the luxury you can imagine.

Apocalypse Wow – Leave earth and die in style!


Celebrate this year’s climate crisemas with us! First, we observe drowning polar bears in the Arctic, then we get some heat in the Amazon from the burning jungle. We finish off with scuba diving off the coast of Australia by exploring dead coral reefs. All stays are off course, more than all inclusive, and we travel business class.

We collaborate with Last Journey Travels. Order your trip now and get a free signed photo with Greta Thunberg!

White Shark Rat Mixer

A hotel in Las Vegas recently introduced a new attraction in the lobby area. It’s called “White shark rat mixer”. It’s also a project to get rid of the problem of too many rats in the city.

Hotel manager Jeb Santino: Well, we just turned the roof into an aquarium and placed a white shark in it. The main attraction is all about the rats. Hundreds of pipes from all over the city are leading to our aquarium. At a certain time slot we open them and the rats get flushed into the shark. It’s like a bloody firework I tell ya! The hotel guests love it, and the city gets rid of more rats, it’s a win / win solution, and the shark seems to like it as well.

Black Hole Travel

Celebrate Christmas in another dimension this year!

Black Hole Travel offers a different kind of holiday experience, where anything and everything CAN and WILL happen!

Our state of the art facility at CERN Switzerland is the beginning of your journey. From here on out it’s all wormholes, space time warps and the best (and worst) things the multiverse has to offer… it’s destination unknown!

Black Hole Travel – the complete out of body travel experience!

Disclaimer: We are not liable for adverse consequences that may occur including: seeing yourself from behind, death, meeting multiple copies of yourself, instantaneous death, collapsing or stretching, motion sickness, prolonged ejaculation, extreme horrific death, vertigo, meeting god only to realize that it was you all along and there is no one to blame and you don’t matter anyway.