Ask Doktor Unc

Junior asks: My dad says that Dinos are fake and that monkeys have nothing to do with us humans. Is that true?

Dear JR! Your dad is very much welcome to my clinic to try one of my very popular psychotherapy methods. I use VR-technology where you will meet a fake fake god that is having a discussion with both dinos and monkeys about those questions. It looks very very real, except for the god-thing, he/it is very fuzzy, hard to really grasp, kind of blurry, nah, I’m actually very disappointed on that part of this VR-app. But when thinking more on it, it’s very close to reality isn’t it? However, the dinos and monkeys are very much in HD, 3D, and in true vivid color. Dear Juno, to answer your question; It’s more likely that your Dad is fake and that he has nothing to do with either you, the great dinos or the monkeys. But to be really sure, please send him on to the clinic.