Evil cloning

A leak from the Kremlin has shared thousands of documents in a Facebook group. Our experts have gone through the information and all the evidence points to one really disturbing fact: The Russian army has cloned Hitler. Multiple copies.

It was all done in collaboration with North Korea and China decades ago. Most of the Hitler-clones are acting in silence in every country around the world- sleepers until awakening- and they’re now awakening.

Be aware that a Hitler-clone can look like anyone. Instead of being short, with black hair and ugly mustache, they might have fluffy, white hair, or no facial hair at all.

Be aware of anyone you know or see on television, a boss, a coworker or politician who is acting like Hitler.


We understand that we are to reproduce and raise children, This is what humans and animals evolved to do, right?!

In this world we are living in…? Nah, let’s pull the brakes on everything until we manage to rid ourselves of war and harm to people and the planet.

The solution is not reproduction. The solution is selection… let us be more selective!

Sustainable Killing

All weapons and ammunition need to be produced sustainably through Fair Trade. From now on, wars must be sustainable in every way possible. This is the only way to save our planet!

HumaniFy encourages all weapons manufacturers to take action towards a more responsible and sustainable future for their war machine.

Rocket science

Another rocket bites the dust. SpaceX is doing the most expensive trial and error in the history. Shit happens they say. What is the driver for doing all this expensive space stuff!? Giving up on earth and humanity? Adventure? Escapism? All that money spent on the fireworks over Texas could probably help us to get earth back to a more sustainable state. But no, let’s build rockets and leave earth instead of fixing it. Easier and more fun, right Musk?