Rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic

HumanIfy proudly presents: Titanic deck chair rearranging simulator.

In this game simulator, you can feel that you are doing something valuable by rearranging the deck chairs on a gradually sinking Titanic.

Starring Leo DeCapriccioso, Kate Windswept and YOU, this saga will have you doing tasks that give zero results! Feel a sense of pride as you organize and reorganize, arrange and rearrange, over and over again! Kate and Leo are there to keep you company, but don’t get distracted! They are not interested in you in the slightest!

Turn on multiplayer and players from all over the world can join the simulation! It’s an exercise in futility that will keep you occupied forever!

Black Hole Travel

Celebrate Christmas in another dimension this year!

Black Hole Travel offers a different kind of holiday experience, where anything and everything CAN and WILL happen!

Our state of the art facility at CERN Switzerland is the beginning of your journey. From here on out it’s all wormholes, space time warps and the best (and worst) things the multiverse has to offer… it’s destination unknown!

Black Hole Travel – the complete out of body travel experience!

Disclaimer: We are not liable for adverse consequences that may occur including: seeing yourself from behind, death, meeting multiple copies of yourself, instantaneous death, collapsing or stretching, motion sickness, prolonged ejaculation, extreme horrific death, vertigo, meeting god only to realize that it was you all along and there is no one to blame and you don’t matter anyway.

Just forest – no rain

The Brazilian government has decided that their rainforests, from now on, will be called just forests. “ We plan to burn most of it in a 10 year burning plan and it’s just silly to continue to call it rainforest,” says President Bolsanero at the Anti Climate Meeting, ACM, in Abu Dhabi.

Smart toilets

The new generation of public toilets can now analyze your urine and tell you how pissed you are. It will provide your health status, and much more! Just pee, receive, and go!

Regular user of public toilets, Jeb Stone:

“I was just goin in there to pee, man…and then a freaky voice started to tell me stuff! It said I had cancer in my butt, that I most likely had diabetes, that I was way too drunk, but that Jesus loved me anyway! I don’t like where all this smart shit is goin’, not one god damn bit!”