The Real JWST

After the James Webb Space Telescope launch, Jeb knew that his company, SpaceWrecks could do better. We caught up with the busy entrepreneur and interviewed him at SpaceWrecks headquarters.

Due to the extreme secrecy of the project, most of the building was covered in tarp (Target Alliance Rain Proofing). The blue color represents victory, according to SpaceWrecks.

Founder and spokesperson, Jeb had this to say: “For the first time ever we are presenting our response to the JWST, Jeb’s Whoop-ass SpaceWreck Telescope!”

JWST- Jeb’s Whoop-ass SpaceWreck Telescope

“At a fraction of the cost of that billion dollar junk they sent up there, we built this bad mother f***er from scratch. This bitch is gonna be shot up into deep space and can not only land, but can mow down anything in its path!”

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