Space and common people

Have you heard about the latest trend? Common people are now refusing to believe that the space program is for everyone! They don’t trust the government and think that the space program is only meant for the elite. In response to this, a new movement has been created to make space travel accessible to all. They want to crowdfund rockets so that everyone can experience the wonders of space exploration. But will common people trust this new movement? Only time will tell!

Safe Space Sex

Scientists are concerned about space tourism and what could happen when people start having unprotected sex in a weightless environment with much higher levels of radiation.

HumanIfy wants to help and are designing a sex proof space coffin. This sex cocoon will be made of a thick layer of led and is very comfy inside with Egyptian silk sheets and hundreds of Tv channels, including porn. When you decide to have sex with your partner, you just enter the coffin and remain in there until the return trip to earth. If you happen to be pregnant in space, your fetus will be perfectly safe inside our sex cocoon.

Please help to crowdfund the space safe sex cocoon. All contributions are welcome. Together we can make space a safe place for having unprotected sex.

Please note that this important research is only about sex between space tourists of the opposite gender. Same gendered are encouraged to have as much sex they like in space.

Wise Gods

Meanwhile in deep space…

Milky Way owns earth and is controlled by the Wisegod Frankie the milkman.

Andromeda Galaxy owns Mars and is controlled by the wisegod Mad Andy.

Triangulum Galaxy owns Uranus and is controlled by the wisegod Bruno the Butcher.

There will be blood!

To be continued…

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Apocalypse Wow

See the world go under from your very own front row seat! Our space shuttle, Titan is taking off just before the apocalypse. However it looks, we are prepared for almost anything. We will remain airborne for 24-hours, with all the luxury you can imagine.

Apocalypse Wow – Leave earth and die in style!