Dr. Unc and the death method

Dr. Unc: Welcome, Larry. 
Larry: Thank you, Doctor Unc. 
Dr. Unc: How are you today? 
Larry: Oh, I’m kind of excited. I’m supposed to go to this Halloween party. Umm yeah, I’m excited about it. I already have plans for my costume and yeah, it’s just going to be fun. I love Halloween so I’m kind of excited about it, really. 
Dr. Unc: I see, I see. It’s a nice weekend somehow. But still, it’s about death, you know that right? 
Larry: Death? Yeah, I guess so. 
Dr. Unc: Yes, you’re celebrating death. 
Larry: Oh? 
Dr. Unc: Yes, that’s what Halloween’s all about, death. Have you thought a lot about death and dying lately? 
Larry: No, I just thought it was a chance to come up with a fun, creative costume, and maybe meet some people. 
Dr. Unc: Now you’re escaping reality again. We have talked about that before. 
Larry: Yes… 
Dr. Unc: You’re talking about going to this party and having so much fun, but it’s all about death, it’s all about that we all are going to die. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but certainly at some point we will die badly. 
Larry: Ah, I never thought of it that way. 
Dr. Unc: So why should we have so much fun? I think it’s better for you, Larry, to spend the whole weekend, the whole Halloween weekend, just thinking of death and that you’re going to die. 
Larry: So…no party? No costume? 
Dr. Unc: Nope. See you next week, Larry.

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