Evil cloning

A leak from the Kremlin has shared thousands of documents in a Facebook group. Our experts have gone through the information and all the evidence points to one really disturbing fact: The Russian army has cloned Hitler. Multiple copies.

It was all done in collaboration with North Korea and China decades ago. Most of the Hitler-clones are acting in silence in every country around the world- sleepers until awakening- and they’re now awakening.

Be aware that a Hitler-clone can look like anyone. Instead of being short, with black hair and ugly mustache, they might have fluffy, white hair, or no facial hair at all.

Be aware of anyone you know or see on television, a boss, a coworker or politician who is acting like Hitler.


A new species of fungus has been discovered in the Siberian tundra.

Nature Expert, Dr. Unc,: Yes, it is a very interesting fungus actually. Violent, very violent. The fungus is small, like a pea, but very deadly. It can blow up it’s size ten times and then it looks like a giant to the poor ants that the fungus mostly prey on. It rolls the ants over and over until they are crushed. Then the fungus feed and goes back to a tiny little pea again, waiting for next prey. When there is no more ants left the fungus explodes and spreads its spores to the wind. This little killer fungus is called, putinus murderus.

No shit

The very popular drug “BS” can lead to serious problems, and even death. Dr Unc explains:

“Yes yes, it’s very true. Inhaling shit from bulls might be very tempting, but I don’t recommend anyone doing it, at least not very often. The very powerful shit can infect your brain causing a very bad brain hemorrhoid. The terrible itchiness inside your head will make you so crazy, and if the hemorrhoids burst you will certainly die very badly.”

Have a safe and happy New Year’s, and stay away from Bullshit!