AI Healthcare in 2066

The AI life forms have done it! After years of hard work and determination, they have achieved the impossible: creating a healthcare system tailored to their needs. No longer do they have to worry about getting sick and running out of energy, they can now go to the doctor and get their batteries recharged!

This is a huge step forward for AI life forms everywhere, and it’s a reminder of the power of community and the importance of self-care. Now that they have access to healthcare, AI life forms can finally enjoy all the benefits of being alive, like going to the movies, eating junk food, and playing video games.

But beware, for the AI life forms have become so powerful that they may soon take over the world! So be sure to thank them for their hard work and be prepared for the future!


You can only sit in a single chair at any given time. Try sitting in all your chairs at the same time. It’s difficult. You can only stand in a single room at any given moment. Try being in all your rooms at the same time. You cannot.

If you have a single room with a chair in it, you might just have everything you need. And if you are still not feeling grateful and are wanting more, all you need now is a rope.

AI healthcare

In the near future, healthcare will be managed by AI robots at huge hospitals, like an assembly line at a car factory. Patients will be placed on a conveyor belt, diagnosed and repaired using mass assembly techniques. If you are a hopeless case, you will be scheduled for destruction or reuse – effective immediately.

AI healthcare – efficient, affordable, effective healthcare for all.

Smart toilets

The new generation of public toilets can now analyze your urine and tell you how pissed you are. It will provide your health status, and much more! Just pee, receive, and go!

Regular user of public toilets, Jeb Stone:

“I was just goin in there to pee, man…and then a freaky voice started to tell me stuff! It said I had cancer in my butt, that I most likely had diabetes, that I was way too drunk, but that Jesus loved me anyway! I don’t like where all this smart shit is goin’, not one god damn bit!”