Religion for dummies

Who came up with religions, gods and all that stuff? I don’t think that the first single-cell organisms did, nor the creatures who followed or primitive lifeforms. Probably not the monkeys either, but who knows, maybe it all started there, with the monkeys?

One monkey became frustrated because he was going without sex for months. He could only watch while the larger and more aggressive male monkeys jumped from one female to another, having sex almost constantly.

The frustrated sex hungry monkey thought that there must be a way to get more attention. So he thought harder than he had ever thought before, and after a couple of days of hard thinking it struck him like lightning from above!

At night when all the other monkeys were sleeping, he started building a structure made of rocks, mud and pieces of wood. He took whatever material that was available to him.

In the morning all the monkeys came out from their caves and just as they were about to have sex again, they saw it.

The sculpture was twice the height of the the largest male monkey and looked like a more ugly version of a monkey. It was standing upright and had long, thin legs and arms. The head was much smaller than a monkey’s head but with very tiny ears and a mouth. A frightening creature indeed!

Next to it stood the artist himself with a wide grin on his furry face.

“I created this and I call it… Man!”

From that moment on, the other monkeys treated him like a god. We all understand what that meant for the future of our sex hungry-monkey-God!

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