Menu of the week

“I hate to see a dead animal go to waste.”

“You got your roadkill chicken, your roadkill raccoon, roadkill frog, roadkill pigeon, roadkill turtle, roadkill buzzard, roadkill deer, roadkill rabbit, roadkill fox, roadkill cow, roadkill bear, roadkill coyote, roadkill cougar, roadkill rattle snake… and that’s about it.”

Jeb’s Sustainable Roadkill Kitchen

Menu of the week – Fox in 5 different ways!

Monday: Fox Tacos ( Mexican style)

Tuesday: Fox Borst (traditional Russian soup)

Wednesday: Fox sushi, (like sushi but with fox)

Thursday: Fox in a box, (cooked overnight in an oak box)

Friday: Foxy Friday! Fox steak with fries and chili

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