Sustainable Cooking – Part 1

Welcome to our online course Sustainable Cooking! This week we will teach you how to cook in KungFu-style.

Shaolin Monk and KungFu master Jeb Lee:

First, and only rule; NO utensils, NO weapons! Only hands, fingers, feet, teeth, nose, head, toes and elbows! OK! Let’s start from the beginning. First find prey. Maybe…a…Tuna fish! Yes, Tuna, let’s make sushi!

Okay, now, we have to catch it ourselves, that’s the only sustainable option. You swim, no boat! Swim and swim and swim until you are in deep waters where the Tuna’s live. Hold your breath, and dive, dive, dive deep down into the depth.

There they are, the mighty Tunas. Pick a small one, perhaps only 100 kilo. Fight!!! Strangle it, or break the neck quick and silent. No blood! Than you have to fight sharks as well. Bring the now very dead Tuna up to the surface. Swim back with it and carry it home. You might ask a friend helping you carry that 100 kilo Tuna.

Put Tuna on a large kitchen table or just on the floor. Now, tear the fins off with your teeth. Clench your fists and give it what you got! Remove head with a hard kick, tear out the guts via the anus, and chop it into nice pieces with your hands.

Bon appetite!

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