The Switch

Tired of call centers trying to sell all kinds of shit to you? Here’s how you deal with them!

1. If they ask if you are you. The only right answer is a question, like, “who’s asking? Never ever say the word YES in a conversation with a call center guy.

2. If they ask for details about the different services you pay for, simply ask why the hell they want to know that.

3. When they assure that they just want to help you get a better deal and you don’t have to do anything. Then it’s time for “the switch”! The predator becomes the prey.

Ask if the call center guy wants to buy your old socks or something else that you don’t want anymore. Just keep repeating your bargains and all the benefits they get by buying from you.

The Switch always works and it’s fun. Try it and let us know how it worked out!

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