I try to live as sustainably as I can, especially when it comes to plastic stuff.
I really really don’t like plastic. But look what happened today!
My favorite blue jeans that I’ve had for years got a huge hole in the left knee.
The hole itself isn’t a big deal, I kind of like that.
But what I found inside the jeans fabric is pretty fucking far from okay!
Plastic! Thin elastic strings, probably thousands of them hidden inside.
Without knowing it, I’ve been walking around wrapped in plastic for years.

Sure, I liked the elastic feeling in those jeans, especially when my ass and belly gained some extra fat during this pandemic-stay-home-eat-and-drink-too-much-or-die-from-boredom-period. But I never really reflected on how the jeans could be so nice and elastic, I just thought it was a special kind of jeans fabric, perhaps genetically manipulated cotton or something…

Elastic jeans, yeah right, more like freaky Frankensteinish pants,
made of half plastic material and half cotton.


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