The eagle

Joe: I hardly dream about animals, but tonight I dreamt about an eagle.
Larry: An eagle?
Joe: Yeah! I saved an eagle from my neighbour’s balcony!
It was trapped in a rope somehow. I had to break into my neighbour’s apartment, and release the rope from the eagle. The eagle was so grateful, and we became friends, me and the eagle! 
Larry: (LOL)
Joe: I carried the eagle like it was my baby, up to the nest, and it was an ordinary small birdhouse, for small birds! The eagle actually lived there!
Larry: What!?
Joe: Yeah, I know, how could it fit, but the eagle was just diving into it!
Larry: Into that small birdhouse hole?
Joe: Yeah, and then he was so comfy in his little birdhouse.
Larry: Was he looking out at ya?
Joe: Yeah!
Larry: Wow, that’s a weird dream!

Art is dead – a dream!

Last night I dreamt that I was creating a work of art made of shrunken, dead people. It was meant to be a surprise for my friend who was a member of a rock band.

I managed to find a couple of dead guys and shrunk them down to barbie doll size. It is not clear exactly how the shrinking took place, but it worked exactly as intended. A mini rock band with small instruments, really cool!

The only problem was the smell and the decomposition.

When my friend came to see the artwork, she asked, ”what’s that smell?” I told her I would fix it and before she even had a chance to see the artwork I threw all the mini corpses into a garbage bag.