Thorenoussardus has a solution and are currently crowdfunding a new business model.

Many islands around the world are facing the risk of being flooded in the near future.

FloatIfy project manager Jeb “Flipper” Fischer: We collaborate with drillers and miners who will bore the islands free from the seabed. Then we will attach a bunch of air tanks to the underside of the island, easy as pie! With a few jet engines, the islanders can move around and anchor up anywhere. We are in a serious discussion with Taiwan right now, and hope to free the island starting next year. We are planning to anchor it next to Hawaii.

Apocalypse Cow

Scientific understanding reasons that the most powerful greenhouse gas on the planet comes from cows.

Dr. Unc: Yes yes, it’s very true, the cows chew and chew and digest the food so much with their too many stomachs, chewing and digesting, that’s all they do. The Methane gas produced by the cows stinks very bad, but also contributes very much to the greenhouse effect. Therefore all cows must die now. All of them. Even the holy cows in India must die badly I’m afraid. With fewer cows we can also use a bit more fossils again, so you see, it’s a really win and win solution for all of us.

The Great Justice Lottery

The main outcome after the climate meeting in Egypt is a so-called Justice Lottery.

All countries are given a number, and every month one lucky winner gets to use as much carbon as they like, traveling all over the world, exploiting natural resources and just having fun. The rest of us losers have to go back to Stone-Age-conditions during that month.

Life has literally become a lottery!