The new trend in plastic surgery: animal parts

Have you ever wished you had the eyes of a cat, the ears of a rabbit, or the tail of a fox? Well, now you can, thanks to a new kind of plastic surgery that allows people to replace their body parts with those of animals.

The procedure, known as animal augmentation, is the latest craze among people who want to enhance their appearance, express their personality, or fulfill their fantasies. The surgery involves grafting animal tissues and organs onto human bodies, using advanced biotechnology and genetic engineering.

The results are stunning and diverse. Some people opt for subtle changes, such as adding whiskers, claws, or horns. Others go for more radical transformations, such as changing their skin color, hair texture, or facial features. And some even choose to replace entire limbs or organs, such as arms, legs, hearts, or brains.

The demand for animal augmentation is soaring, especially among young people who are bored with conventional beauty standards and eager to experiment with their identity. The surgery is also popular among celebrities, who use it to create a unique and memorable image. Some examples of famous animal augmentees include:

  • Lady Gaga, who has a pair of wings made from eagle feathers on her back.
  • Kanye West, who has a lion’s mane and a roar box implanted in his throat.
  • Kim Kardashian, who has a snake’s tongue and venom glands in her mouth.
  • Justin Bieber, who has a monkey’s tail and hands.
  • Miley Cyrus, who has a pig’s nose and ears.

The surgery is not without risks and controversies, however. Some of the potential complications include infections, rejections, allergies, and mutations. Some of the ethical issues include animal rights, human dignity, and social acceptance. And some of the legal challenges include regulations, licenses, and taxes.

But despite the drawbacks and criticisms, animal augmentation is here to stay. It is a new form of self-expression and creativity that challenges the boundaries of human nature and culture. It is a new way of living and being that celebrates diversity and freedom.

What do you think of animal augmentation? Would you ever try it? If so, what animal part would you choose?

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