Move without moving!

Moving house gives you a sense of starting over. It indicates to your peers that you’re on the move. You’re moving on and moving up!

But moving can be a drag and quite a process.

That’s why there’s Movify™. Simply start the Movify™ app and point your phone camera at items in your home and it packs up the objects virtually into boxes, ready to move. Movify™ then virtually ships the items far away and places them back in the location you originally placed them.

Congratulations on your move! You moved without moving.

Don’t feel like exercising? With Modify™, you can scan yourself and place a virtual copy of yourself into almost any exercise regime. See yourself walking, running, swimming or playing tennis… and much, much more! You could even be doing parkour in Marseille!

Again, congratulations! You were really moving without ever leaving your chair.

Movify™ – We move… so you don’t have to!

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