Sustainable cooking with Jeb Lee

In this lesson you will learn how to cook a pig for Christmas dinner. Our teacher and master chef Jeb Lee will guide you throughout all steps.

“First, and most important! Pig must be wild and alive. No sheeting!”

1. Release pigs from farmer and set them free in forest. Leave alone for a year or two.

2. Hunt pig! But no tools or weapon. You track pig by shit.

3. Dig deep pit with just hands. Cover pit with sticks and leaves. And now wait!

4. Strangle pig in pit and carry back home.

5. Separate head with rock hard KungFu chop!

6. Make open fire and roast pigs head on stick for 6 hours. Slow, very slow you must rotate stick.

6. Find red Apple in tree, and put in pigs mouth.

Sustainable Christmas pig now ready!

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