Meanwhile, at Thorenoussardus World Headquarters

chairman: Meeting adjourned.

Larry: I’m pretty sure “adjourned” is what you say at the END of a meeting.

chairman: Er… can someone please read the minutes from the last meeting?

Joe: Boring.

chairman: Let’s just jump right in, shall we? Do any of you have any fresh, new ideas?

Jeb: I ain’t even sure what we actually do here to be honest.

chairman: Sales are down people! Way down!!!

Joe: We sell stuff?!

Jeb: I know, rite. Nobody told me neither.

Larry: We should tell more fart jokes!

Jeb: Yo mama.

Joe: Yeah… and yo mama jokes!

chairman: Order! Order!!!

Larry: We should DEFINITELY order.

Joe: I could go for a pizza.

chairman: Order I said!

Jeb: You ain’t gotta tell me twice ma’facker, I’m on the phone right now.

Joe: Order me a six pack.

Jeb: See that ice chest in the corner? Help youself ma’facker.

Joe: Chairman, I motion for Jeb to chair the remainder of the meeting.

Larry and Joe together: Jeb! Jeb! Jeb!

chairman: I can’t take this, it’s like this every meeting! I RESIGN!! [hands on face in despair]

Larry: But if you resign, who will we hijack the meeting from?

Joe: Yeah, Bill… ya dumpling.

chairman: Only my wife calls me that… how did you???…

Jeb/Joe/Larry [together]: ahahaha!!!

chairman [storming out]: I quit!

Larry: You guys wanna order dumplings?

Jeb: Can somebody cover me? I’m a bit light at the moment.

Larry: I’m flat broke.

Joe [holding up chairman’s wallet]: I got him in the elevator on the way in. It’s on the house.

Jeb: Yeeeedoggy!

Larry: Damn son!

Joe: Now reach in that ice chest and fetch me that beer.

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