What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

In order to deal with their homeless and immigrant population in a humane way, Las Vegas, Nevada has started an exercise program for disadvantaged people.

Located in a vast underground power plant just north of Las Vegas, the homeless, unemployed and undocumented pedal specially fitted bikes, thus generating enough added power for the electrical grid to power rich people’s Christmas lights.

Homeless “cyclist” Jeb Wolfhart: Yeah, they feed us… through a feeding tube. Beats eating from a trash can on the street. Yep, no sucking some rich guy off this Christmas. No sir. I guess you could say I’m grateful for the opportunity. I suppose it’s fair. I mean, not like I expect that anyone should build houses for its citizens or cover their basic needs.

I believe Jesus said something like that. “Fucked are the poor in spirit for they will never see the kingdom of heaven and go ye therefore and increase your capital gains”. Something to that affect.

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