Dark Web

We asked random people on the street a single question: What is the dark web?

Nancy Spooge: When you put your display in dark mode, you’re on the dark web.

John Bennington: It’s a Satanic cult on the internet, I think. Yeah, and they sell drugs to kids and eat babies.

Gordon Sifolis: Isn’t that the new Spider-Man movie? Dark Web. I think it’s a spinoff from the Dark Knight.

Amir Nassim: It’s not as dark as you might think.

Neil Bronson: I ended up on the dark web once. Something called the back rooms. I couldn’t get out so I just unplugged the computer and threw it out the window. I ran over it with my truck a few times just to be sure.

Samantha Hills: I bought coffee on the dark web. When I opened the package, it was filled with white powder. I used it as flour in my cookies and I was awake for three days straight.

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