Dyslexia Gun™

Dyslexia can be a serious condition and should not be taken lightly. It can be very disruptive to the individual and often occurs in conjunction with learning difficulties and other factors that may affect the individuals ability to function well in life.

Having said that, it is now possible to harness the power of dyslexia for the greater good. Introducing Dyslexia Gun™. The first weapon that makes people nicer. Just read these testimonials.

For your friend who swears unnecessarily in every day language: “Truck that brother trucker and his trucking itch of a wife. I rate both them brothers!”

For traffic situations that would have otherwise escalated into road rage: “You cut me off you bucking stunt! I’m gonna heal you, you brother trucker!”

For the abusive husband: “You itch! You ducking itch! I’m gonna feel you!”

For teenage sibling rivalries: “Get outta my room you bun of a rich or I’ll reel you you riddle bunt!”

See how Dyslexia Gun™ makes bad situations much better? Try Dyslexia Gun™ today and make your world a better, safer and kinder place!

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