Measure your prestige with Prestige-o-meter™, the app that tells you just how well you are doing in comparison to those around you. Here’s how it works:

If you earn more money than the person next to you, you get a prestige point. The other person is deducted a prestige point.

There are many ways to earn points with Prestige-o-meter™ including:

-being vegan only because it makes you feel superior to meat eaters.

-believing that you are more pious and religious than the guy next to you.

-wearing a fancy wristwatch or carrying a designer handbag, not because you actually value it, simply because it’s expensive.

-having righteous political views and trying very hard to prove it.

-shitting on anyone with a different view.

-putting others down to make yourself look and feel better.

-criticizing everything and everyone so that you appear to have more discerning tastes than you actually have.

There is no limit to your own ego advancement with Prestige-o-meter™. Order yours today and we’ll include a free book: The Ultimate Guide to Self-Righteousness by Seth A. Grandizing for free!

Pump you up! with Prestige-o-meter™.

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