Conglomerate Vomit

American chain, Walmart team up with Whole Foods and Cosco, along with the British chain, Tesco to form the conglomerate Cos•Tes•Wall•Whole.

Investors did not respond favorably as stocks plummeted.

Anonymous investor: It sounds like you’re saying “costliest wall hole”.

Anonymous investor: It sounds like an expensive glory hole.

Anonymous investor: This is a HUGE business opportunity . Leave my name out or I’ll sue! I’ll do it! I do it all the time. What news outlet is this? Thoreno… saur… what?! I can’t even pronounce that. Probably fake news anyway. Don’t misquote me. I was never here. I’ll sue! I’m suing! You’ll be hearing from my lawyers. I have LOTS and LOTS of them. A whole team of people. LOTS and LOTS of lawyers. They all work for me- all the best ones anyway. And I’ll tell you another thing…

[at this point we were walking away]

We quickly got in the car and started to drive away. The front seat passenger turned up the radio. The windows were up all the way. Yet he could still be heard…

I’m going to own Cos•Tes•Wall•Whole! The whole thing! I’m the only person who can make it happen, believe me…

The enormous orange figure dissolved into the background as we sped away.

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