U.K. is ok, okay?

British Prime Minister, Biz Trust: The world economy was already in the bog. I simply decided to give it an extra flush.

As the turd circled the bowl, it cried out, SAVE ME! I’M DROWNING! Bus drivers, teachers, cabbies and electricians looked deep into the toilet bowl of horrors as the turd made another round. One of them asked, “what on earth did she eat”? Another worker responded, “our pensions”. Yet another asked, should we try and scoop it out?”

But it was too late. The turd disappeared down the pipe and was gone forever. The lingering stench would be felt for years to come.

Biz Trust lived happily ever after. The labourers, not so much. The turd went on to decimate, not only the U.K. economy, but much of Europe. The rest of the world suffered as well.

Fuck you Liz Truss. Fuck you very much.

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