Dr. Unc and the CIA-method

Dr. Unc: Welcome Larry.
Larry: Uh, thank you.
Dr. Unc: Today we will try a new psychotherapy method.
Larry: Ok.
Dr. Unc: I call this new method, the CIA method.
Larry: CIA method…
Dr. Unc: Close your eyes! I will now, as usual, take you into deep hypnosis.
Larry: Uhmm…
Dr. Unc: Breath in! Breath out! Was it you!? Did you do it?
Larry: What did I do?
Dr. Unc: The thing you did, of course. Remember now?
Larry: Eh…I don’t know? Did I do something?
Dr. Unc: Were you alone? Did you have anyone with you?
Larry: Eh, I don’t know?
Dr. Unc: How many were you?
Larry: Uhm…
Dr. Unc: One, two!? Three!?
Larry: Eh…I don’t, I don’t know?
Dr. Unc: What part of this did you play?
Larry: Uh…,I don’t… know…
Dr. Unc: I see clearly now that you have done something that you are not so proud of. Now it’s time to figure out what you actually have been doing.
Larry: Eh, uhm, I don’t remember doing anything.
Dr. Unc: Really!?
Larry: No.
Dr. Unc: If you think about it more closely? What did you do?
Larry: Eh, I…
Dr. Unc: Feeling guilty now?
Larry: Yes!
Dr. Unc: I see, very good. We are making progress.
Larry: Ahh, what have I been doing!? I guess I did something bad? Oh no, did I commit a crime!?
Dr. Unc: Most likely, Larry, most likely.
Larry: Oh no! What have I done, what have I done!?
(Dog barking in the background)
Dr. Unc: What’s that noise? Is it a dog?
Larry: A dog!?
Dr. Unc: Do you have a dog?
Larry: I don’t think I have a dog?
Dr. Unc: Why?
Larry: I don’t know?
Dr. Unc: What have you done with that poor dog!?
Larry: Oh no! Is the dog okay?
Dr. Unc: You tell me, Larry.
Larry: Oh, poor doggie. What have I done?
Dr. Unc: That’s why you have felt so bad lately.
Larry: Ahh, how do I fix it!?
Dr. Unc: There’s only one way to fix this, Larry.
Larry: I confess! I confess to the whole thing. I did it! I did it!
Dr. Unc: Very good Larry. We are making so much progress.
Dr. Unc: Open your eyes. See you next week, Larry.

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