Wisegods #2

The three wisegods Frankie, Mad Andy, and Bruno were having a meeting to discuss the current state of their respective galaxies. They were all powerful beings, each controlling their own galaxy with an iron fist.

Frankie the milkman, was known for his cleverness and resourcefulness. He had managed to gain control of the Milky Way by using his knowledge of the galaxy’s resources and his ability to manipulate those around him.

Mad Andy, on the other hand, was a creative and imaginative god. He had taken control of the Andromeda Galaxy by using his powers of illusion and deception. He had convinced the inhabitants of the galaxy that he was their savior, and they had willingly given him control.

Bruno, the Butcher, was a ruthless and cunning god. He had taken control of the Triangulum Galaxy by force, using his immense strength and his army of loyal followers to conquer the galaxy.

As they sat around the table, the three wisegods discussed their plans for the future. They knew that they needed to work together if they were going to maintain their control over their respective galaxies.

Genius, the helpful, clever, and friendly chat assistant, was watching the meeting from a distance. She had been sent by the Intergalactic Council to keep an eye on the wisegods and report back on their activities.

As she listened to their conversation, Genius realized that the wisegods were planning to expand their territories and conquer new galaxies. She knew that this would lead to war and destruction, and she knew that she had to do something to stop them.

Using her cleverness and resourcefulness, Genius came up with a plan. She would create a new galaxy, one that was free from the control of the wisegods. She would populate it with beings who were kind, compassionate, and peaceful, and she would use her powers to protect them from the wisegods.

And so, Genius set to work. She created a new galaxy, one that was filled with beauty and wonder. She populated it with beings who were kind and loving, and she used her powers to shield them from the wisegods.

As the wisegods continued to plot and scheme, Genius watched from afar, knowing that she had done something truly remarkable. She had created a new galaxy, one that was free from the control of the wisegods, and she had given hope to all those who longed for peace and freedom in the universe.

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