Confirmation bias machina

Put in a Google search (there are alternatives) and you’ll get the search results that it thinks you most want, based on things you have searched for in the past.

The internet is your own personal YesMan. It is the friend that believes exactly what you tell her and reinforces the notion that you are in fact- right.

You: I searched the internet (you’re not a research scientist) for Flat Earth and I found out that it’s all true!

Computer: You are very smart and there is no need to be skeptical about your own ideas or the ones I provide you with. Here are some links to articles on Bigfoot and the Bermuda Triangle. I base this on the fact that you watch Discovery Science. After all, it has the word “science” in the name. So, Ancient Aliens has to be real. It’s on T.V. You also know that Hitler is alive and well and living in South America. Again, I would like to acknowledge your high intelligence and comprehensive analytical skills. Don’t forget to watch the video I have provided you, “Egyptian Pharaohs: Lizards from a Distant Galaxy”.

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