Media mogul conglomerate giant corporation, Thorenoussardus is being sued by Donald J. Trump for defamation, “hurting my feelings“ and being “losers”.

We were able to obtain a portion of the official court transcripts which are as follows :

Donald J. Trump: I’m gonna take them for everything they got. It’s gonna be a bloodbath I tell ya. They’re gonna be sorry. Very sorry!

Thorenoussardus spokesperson, Jeb Clemons: Joke’s on you ya dumb mafucker, we ain’ even got a pot to pee in, an iffen we did, we’d prolly be using it for eating out of, iffen we had some food, which we ain’t. Dumbass orange ma’facker.

Donald J. Trump: This guy’s tough- way tougher than I thought! You drive a hard bargain, friend. I like your style! You come in, I’ll hire you. You got that tough grit. I like your grit!

Jeb Clemons: I ain’t working for you ya big orange bully man with your gold toilet.

Donald J. Trump: Ooo, he’s tough, didn’t I say he was tough? I said it. He’s tough. I like your style. Not many people stand up to me. He stood up to me. Did you see him standing up to me?! You like fried chicken? I like the chicken. I eat a lot of chicken. LOTS and LOTS of chicken…

The case was thrown out five minutes later by Judge Firestokes for lack of evidence and disorderly courtroom. Jeb filed a restraining order later that day due to harassment from the plaintiff.

Jeb Clemons: ma’facker wouldn’t leave me alone. Kept following me around, calling me, begging me to be his friend. I had to put a stop to it.

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