Larry’s Log #2

Dr. Unc said that these logs would be private and won’t end up on the internet. He gave me an official-looking agreement. Every time the word “Meta” or “Apple” appeared, it was crossed out and “Dr. Unc” was penciled in. One time it even said, “The Assistant”. I didn’t think much of it until now. I mean, I can trust the good doctor right?

Anyway I’m supposed to be writing about my deepest thoughts so..

Last night I had a dream. I was in charge of a small farm that had dogs, cats and chickens. I guess there were some cows but I never saw them. The dogs were always escaping. I don’t know where they were supposed to be, but they were just running around chasing cats and eating chickens. I tried to stop them. Finally, I realized I was in a dream and just stopped running and they all calmed down. I reached over and picked up a chicken- picked it up gently by it’s neck. When I woke up, I had one hand around my penis. I did not choke that chicken.

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