The Great Justice Lottery

The main outcome after the climate meeting in Egypt is a so-called Justice Lottery.

All countries are given a number, and every month one lucky winner gets to use as much carbon as they like, traveling all over the world, exploiting natural resources and just having fun. The rest of us losers have to go back to Stone-Age-conditions during that month.

Life has literally become a lottery!


Underground, and militant, Climate Scientists are talking about a more aggressive approach to the climate situation. They are talking about the fact that just a few people in leadership positions around the world are responsible for all injustice and climate issues in the world. The scientists are talking about the MenTal, a tiny number of MEN in some countries who need to be exterminated for the rest of us to survive.

If earth was a ship and we are the passengers, managed by a murderer psychopath as captain, what would you do? The concept of different countries and many different leaders has reached a dead end.