Sustainable Killing

All weapons and ammunition need to be produced sustainably through Fair Trade. From now on, wars must be sustainable in every way possible. This is the only way to save our planet!

HumaniFy encourages all weapons manufacturers to take action towards a more responsible and sustainable future for their war machine.

Lock and load, and shit!

Thousands of North American swallows are in a training program led by the weapon developer Lockheed Martin. They are trained to eat manipulated sunflower seeds that consist of nano nuclear devices. They live in small birdhouses where the inside walls are covered with pictures of Russian President, Vladimir Putin. The plan is to send the swallow army east after a couple more weeks of basic training in hopes that they have to learned to shit from the air with exact precision!

New DNA and Genetic technology used by the Russian army!

It is now confirmed that The Russian army have used Smart Sharks™ in the war against Ukraine. They have been cross-breeding white sharks with the DNA of Stalin, Lenin, Putin, and a bit of Charles Manson- just to be sure. The name of this new organic killer machine is called “OligShark”.

The Black Sea is now darker than ever!