Do you also need to spot a guy, and not just any guy? Then the app SpotaGuy© is what you need! With the Smarter-then-ever-AI-see-you-technology you can connect to any online camera in the world. Combined with the in-app-purchase-feature FacetrackerUltraPlus™ you can be 100% sure to spot just the right guy.

Stop looking – start spotting – with SpotaGuy!

Humanoid Transports

What if you could travel inside a living organism, just like when you were carried safely inside your mother’s womb.

Humanoid Transports are developing exactly that kind of vehicle and it looks very promising. Cars, buses, trains, planes and boats made of human flesh and bone wrapped in a titanium exoskeleton. The brain and control center is of course full AI, next generation quantum pro astra rainbow matters IV.

Just crawl back into the womb and be carried away!


A new startup-smart-guys-unisex-currency is said to be the smartest and most inclusive cryptocurrency yet. You can pay for goods and invest using your butt or groin, dep whichever method suits you. The new smart-under-the-belt-technology is said to be impossible to hack and take control of. Forget about paying with your eyes. Butt-Groin™ is here to play!

CCPP – Chinese Cyber Panda Program

Covid-23 is now said to hit hard for the few remaining Chinese pandas. To prevent the animals from going extinct, Chinese scientists are now working day and night to come up with a smarter kind of panda, half panda half machine. You will not see any difference, scientists say.

The U.S government and Homeland Security both react with great skepticism, claiming that the smart pandas from China can be used for spying, after they have been exported to zoos in other countries. Jebb Anderson, Homeland spokesman: “Just think about it! A smart panda sees and hears anything in a one kilometer range. An agent, or any secret guy, stands there in the zoo with screaming kids and all. And there, his secret phone goes off! He must take it, you know. Then what? I’m just sayin…”