Quantum shopper

Can’t decide which cereal or diary product to buy?

Introducing Quantum Shopper. Let the app decide for you!

Our app calculates over 100 trillion alternatives per second and will come up with the very best option suited just for you.

Quantum Shopper – No think. Just shop.

Disclaimer: We are not liable for any ripping or tearing of space fabric or shifting or disentangling of matter or holes (worm or otherwise) in the black stripes of zebra butterscotch apple ring hopper indigenous to neutralize appearance density…

Quantum Shopper is experiencing technical difficulties and will reboot the system in 5… 4… 3… 2…

Welcome to Quantum Shopper. Ready to take your order.

Quantum Mechanics

We called Quantum Mechanics Incorporated to learn the latest in string theory, physics and the future of scientific research.

Owner: Quantum Mechanics, this is Jeb speaking.

Science Weekly: Yes, we were wondering if we could visit your facility and perhaps interview some of your researchers.

Owner: Uh… okay…

Science Weekly: We’re making a documentary about quantum mechanics.

Owner: A documentary? About us?

Science Weekly: Well, yes, about the field of quantum mechanics.

Owner: You want to shoot a documentary in the field behind Quantum Mechanics?

Science Weekly: The documentary is about quantum mechanics, yes.

Owner: What about it?

Science Weekly: What it is, how it works.

Owner: Well we’re working on a Jeep at the moment. Just put a new carburetor in and we’re about to toss on a lift kit and throw on some big ass off-road tires.

Science Weekly: Is this the quantum physics department at MIT?

Owner: Pff, nah, this is Quantum Mechanics Garage and Auto Body off highway 6.

Science Weekly: I think there’s been a mistake.

Owner: Hey man, you looking for an Eldorado Cadillac? I got one right here. Ain’t got much rust on it neither. Ma’facker still runs too.

Science Weekly: Sorry to bother you sir. [click]