Thorenoussardus proudly introduce T-Coin!

With sockchain©, your money is placed in a sock and carefully
tied together with money in other socks to produce the sockchain©.
Safer and more secure than banks, sockchain© is revolutionising the way we think about money!
Peter J. of Stockbridge says, “ If you’re not taking your life savings out of the bank and investing in T-coin, you’re a moron!”
J. Prichard Keeling says, “There are no losers with T-coin”.
George Paul says, “So far I’ve lost a lot of money, but I believe in this!”
Dawn Sykes says, “It’s like money in a sock”.

Introducing this exclusive Thorenoussardus NFT!

For a limited time only, you can own this one-of-a-kind exclusive NFT only available through our website! Currently valued at $5.63M (prices are subject to change based
on current market value), this NFT is an ideal once-in-a-lifetime investment opportunity!
Please DO NOT right-click and save picture as this is disruptive to our business model.