Smart toilets

The new generation of public toilets can now analyze your urine and tell you how pissed you are. It will provide your health status, and much more! Just pee, receive, and go!

Regular user of public toilets, Jeb Stone:

“I was just goin in there to pee, man…and then a freaky voice started to tell me stuff! It said I had cancer in my butt, that I most likely had diabetes, that I was way too drunk, but that Jesus loved me anyway! I don’t like where all this smart shit is goin’, not one god damn bit!”

Jeb Resigns… again

I’m tired of it. This Thorenoussardus shit is too much. I’m sick of it and I quit. This time I ain’t coming back. Let ’em get somebody else to do the job. I got better things to do. I mean, you guys reading this shit?! This thing done gone off the rails! Besides, I’m busy with space and stuff.

Look up. You gonna see this mother f**ker orbiting around the earth. -Jeb