Rapper Bug E. Feature

When I was a young bug, people stepped on me. They called me maggot and cockroach. They treated me like an insect, which I was, until I went from a bug to a feature!

My life is way more exciting now. I feel more confident and self-actualized. Before, I ate mostly leaves and sometimes smaller bugs. Now I dine out at only the finest restaurants.

Find out how you too can go from a bug to a feature by taking my rap course, Bugg E. Feature. Use offer code thorenoussardus at checkout to get 1% off your purchase.


There still might be a future for us all. A new startup company has developed a CO2 eating bug, actually just a gene manipulated cockroach merged with some AI shit. It’s a cybug!

There is no need to quit driving cars with good old petrol, and go ahead and fly as much as you like all over the world. And for all the cows out there, just keep on farting guys!