Black Hole Travel

Celebrate Christmas in another dimension this year!

Black Hole Travel offers a different kind of holiday experience, where anything and everything CAN and WILL happen!

Our state of the art facility at CERN Switzerland is the beginning of your journey. From here on out it’s all wormholes, space time warps and the best (and worst) things the multiverse has to offer… it’s destination unknown!

Black Hole Travel – the complete out of body travel experience!

Disclaimer: We are not liable for adverse consequences that may occur including: seeing yourself from behind, death, meeting multiple copies of yourself, instantaneous death, collapsing or stretching, motion sickness, prolonged ejaculation, extreme horrific death, vertigo, meeting god only to realize that it was you all along and there is no one to blame and you don’t matter anyway.

Teleporn Travels

Welcome to Teleporn Travels! We offer travels anywhere, in any style. Simply choose your destination and partner, and we will make sure your travel with us will be something to remember. Can’t decide destination or partner? No worries, just use our Randominator service, let us surprise you!

Teleporn – because you are horny and just want to fuck off!

After War!

Isn’t it tiresome with all this news about war, killing, rape and all that nasty shit that’s going on in the world!?

Welcome to “After War” in Zanzibar! In our luxurious resort we promise not to mention the war in any way! All our rooms have war secured TV:s and the Wi-Fi doesn’t allow any war content. All guests sign an agreement to never speak of war during their stay.

Welcome to a war free zone in our paradise!