Flat earth believers are challenged by cube earth believers

For years, flat earth believers have been ridiculed and dismissed by mainstream science and society for their unconventional views on the shape of our planet. They claim that the earth is a flat disc surrounded by an ice wall, and that NASA and other agencies are lying about the existence of space, satellites, and gravity.

But now, a new group of skeptics has emerged to challenge the flat earth theory: the cube earth believers. They argue that the earth is actually a cube with six equal sides, and that the flat earth model is a hoax perpetrated by the Illuminati to hide the truth.

The cube earth believers have their own evidence and arguments to support their claims. They point out that the cube shape explains why there are different time zones, seasons, and climates on earth. They also say that the cube shape allows for more land and resources than the flat disc, and that it is more stable and secure against cosmic threats.

The cube earth believers have created their own websites, podcasts, and social media platforms to spread their message and recruit new followers. They have also organized conferences, rallies, and protests to challenge the flat earth believers and demand recognition from the authorities.

The flat earth believers, however, are not impressed by the cube earth theory. They accuse the cube earth believers of being agents of disinformation and deception, and of trying to undermine their movement. They say that the cube earth theory is absurd and illogical, and that it contradicts the observable facts and the teachings of the Bible.

The flat earth believers have also responded with their own counter-evidence and arguments to debunk the cube earth theory. They point out that the cube shape would create impossible scenarios such as corners, edges, and faces of the earth. They also say that the cube shape would cause severe distortions and anomalies in the sky, such as irregular sunrises and sunsets, curved star trails, and inconsistent shadows.

The flat earth believers have also launched their own campaigns and initiatives to expose and confront the cube earth believers. They have created their own videos, blogs, and books to refute the cube earth theory. They have also staged debates, experiments, and expeditions to prove the flatness of the earth.

The conflict between the flat earth believers and the cube earth believers has escalated into a fierce rivalry that shows no signs of abating. Both sides are convinced that they have the truth on their side, and that they are fighting for a noble cause. Both sides are also determined to expose and defeat their opponents, and to win over the public opinion.

Who will prevail in this battle of beliefs? Will one side ever convince or convert the other? Or will they continue to clash indefinitely over the shape of our world?

Flat Mars Society

Flat Earthers and their counterparts, Flat Marsers are increasing in number, gaining traction for their “theories”.

cyborg AnnA, director of research at ThorenoussardusX: It’s not a theory. There IS no body of evidence. If they’re willing to lie to themselves and each another, how can we assume any truth about their numbers?

We gained access to a Flat Earth/Flat Mars convention only to discover that the room was divided with FE people on one side and FM on the other. The meeting had devolved into a shouting match, with one side chanting “blue” and the other, “red”.

No one was listening to anyone and we soon realized that it was more important to belong to the group, any group, than anything else.

Jeb Wright (red team): Them’s some dumb people over there. Who cares about flat blue earth? RED RED RED!

anonymous (team blue): These here flat Mars people is crazy! We were here first. BLUE BLUE BLUE!

We left the convention and hereby promise our readers to never cover a story like this again. Happy Holidays to everyone on this VERY round, blue planet floating in a vast expanse of space and to the red planet, that is Mars, which is obviously, flat.

Sunday sleeping in

It was the best option. I could instead have:

– said some dumb things on Shitter that did nothing good and served only to upset a lot of people.

– joined a flat earth chat group that also won’t shut up about crypto.

– visited a church and given offerings of money so the fat preacher can buy yet another suit.


Sleep in


Many parts of the world are experiencing a heatwave, including Wales and other parts of the UK, parts of China, Greece and the southeastern United States. If you are currently in one of these locations, please remain calm. The heat will eventually move to other places or at least spread out a bit, diminishing in intensity.

If you are a flat earther, please move closer to the “edge” and altogether, flap your arms rapidly. This will help generate a cool breeze and help distribute the heat more evenly around the glob… I mean disc. We will send Thorenoussardus to assist you by fanning her tail.

When the job is done, don’t bother to walk back to the center of the… uh… flat thing. Simply throw yourselves off the edge. We will send the giant teacup around to catch you as you fall.