Just forest – no rain

The Brazilian government has decided that their rainforests, from now on, will be called just forests. “ We plan to burn most of it in a 10 year burning plan and it’s just silly to continue to call it rainforest,” says President Bolsanero at the Anti Climate Meeting, ACM, in Abu Dhabi.

New material

Me and a couple of friends are drinking beer at an outdoor bar that has a garden with grass and trees. One of the guys asks if we would like to see something. He just needs a cell structure of some kind. How about some leaves, I suggest. He takes some leaves and sets them on fire, along with some grass and pieces of wood. The other guests stare at us. It’s starting to feel uncomfortable. Almost clear, the guy says. And there it is, some kind of super strong material, like a cobweb. He just smiles and throws the material outside the fence that separate the garden from the public road. We see how a man with a baby cart is hit by the cobweb-like material. The man can not move and suddenly lots of water flows over him and the baby. The guy who is guilty of this situation runs away and leaves the rest of us with all the chaos. So embarrassing.