We sell seashells by the seashore

Shell companies. Offshore accounts. Trillions of shells – all untaxed, all completely legal!

LLCLimited Liability Company. Shells without owners; no one to prosecute; virtually no liability whatsoever.

If only there was a Cyber seagull, a CyBird, that could swoop down to collect the shells and carry them away, eating the shells then pooping them down onto their rightful locations around the world!

T-Coin™ values plummet amidst inflation and stock-market collapse

Last week, T-Coin™ was the most highly valued cryptocurrency on earth and had a market value of 1.1 million dollars per coin. This week traders are selling off their T-Coins in record number, devaluing the coin so much that it actually costs them to sell it. A well-known Wall Street executive was quoted saying, “Thorenoussardus Coin ain’t worth dino shit” while another said, “There is no better time to buy T-Coin: the value is so low, they will PAY YOU to take it”.