Dreaming and streaming

Sell the rights to your dreams and get rich!

FitWit© measures your heart rate, brain activity and other vital signs and converts them to data which is used to determine the content of your dreams. The data is stored and sent to ChatGPT, which produces an AI record of your dreams. The manuscript is automatically uploaded and sent to Hollywood, Bollywood and Nollywood, and if it’s interesting enough, it’s made into a movie!

You can be paid handsome residuals if the movie does well at the box office. Flying dreams, getting chased dreams, psychedelic dreams, falling dreams; it’s all a part of the script!

Boring people with boring dreams need not apply.

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

Dog Gone It© is the number one dog dream capture device in the world.
Dog Gone It© is simple to use. Just place the device near your dog and start capturing your dog’s dreams immediately!

Our test dog (shown in picture above) is a lagotto named D-13957alpha. We can see from the Dog Gone It© app that she is currently dreaming about:

11:23 a.m. Dog Gone It© pet food; 11:27 a.m. Dog Gone It© pet toys; 11:31 a.m. dog is awake and biting her tail; 11:33 dog is asleep again, dreaming about Dog Gone It© pet food; 11:38 dog is having nightmare about a bigger dog chasing her; 11:41 dog is fully awake and barking at window due to undetectable noise; 11:57 dog is curled up again- something something Dog Gone It© brand bones.

Start experiencing your dog’s rich dream life today with Dog Gone It© brand dream capture!

*Dog Gone It© pet toys, Dog Gone It© pet food and Dog Gone It© bones all sold separately.

Digitized to death

My family and I are outdoors and we see a giant spaceship in the sky, it’s not the first time I have had dreams about this spaceship. This time was different. Instead of merely showing up and looking threatening, it launches some kind of weapon, and I know that this time it’s all over!
I say to my family “i love you all” and then I am hit by a bright light and heat. Instead of dying, we are kind of digitized and we’re inside of a weird digital world where all the people had to fight against each other.

That’s what I call a fancy way of producing a computer game. Just kill all people on earth and make them become players in a digital version instead. Fucking aliens!