Underground, and militant, Climate Scientists are talking about a more aggressive approach to the climate situation. They are talking about the fact that just a few people in leadership positions around the world are responsible for all injustice and climate issues in the world. The scientists are talking about the MenTal, a tiny number of MEN in some countries who need to be exterminated for the rest of us to survive.

If earth was a ship and we are the passengers, managed by a murderer psychopath as captain, what would you do? The concept of different countries and many different leaders has reached a dead end.

The Citizen Cup

One big night out with Larry, Joe suddenly realized that they probably live their lives way too unsustainably…

Larry: I can count to at least 13 empty glasses at our table, where are the staff? 

Joe: Why so many? It’s not sustainable.

Larry: What do you mean Joe? 

Joe: One glass or cup should be enough! 

Larry: But it was you who ordered most of the drinks. 

Joe: Yeah right, but why so many glasses?

Larry: Eh…because you ordered them…?

Joe: No no, you don’t get it Larry, what I mean is that you should never need more than one glass, or cup, ever.

Larry: Ah, I get it, you are saying that instead of giving you a new glass for each drink you only use the first one they give you and then they fill it up again and again and again…

Joe: Well you almost got it. What I’m saying Larry is that when you are born, you will be given one glass, or cup, and that’s it. 

Larry: Wow, I never thought of that…but what size will it be?

Joe: One liter.

Larry: Oh, that big!?

Joe: Yeah, with markers for measuring different levels. In the beginning, parents need to help their baby hold the glass, but it doesn’t take long before you can hold it yourself. 

Larry: Ah, so it works for milk and small soft drinks when you are little and for one liter of beer when you are allowed to go out to bars. I guess that it makes sense.

Joe: Yeah, think about it; just one glass to use for everything your whole life.

Larry: But what if it breaks?

Joe: It will be made of Titanium or something like that, and it will have your name and social number engraved on it.

Larry: Lets see if I got this right; You will get one glass at birth, but who controls all this, is it the parents responsibility or…

Joe: No no, this is too important to leave for parents to handle, this has to be a government thing, with laws and regulations attached to it you know.

Larry: Ok I see; so if we go back to this bar again to drink a lot of drinks you have to bring that glass, or cup, with you to the bar and hand it over to the bartender?

Joe: Hell yeah!

Larry: And what if you forgot your precious glass at home?

Joe: No glass, no drink, that’s the law.

Larry: Oh, that’s hard.

Joe: Yeah, but sustainable.

Larry: But what if you would like to have a glass of wine first, then a beer, and perhaps a shot of tequila after that?

Joe: Same glass. It’s the bartenders duty to clean it up properly after each drink and fill it again with any kind of drink you want.

Larry: But what if you drop your glass on your way home or forget it in the bar so it gets stolen, I mean titanium is a quite valuable material.

Joe: Tough luck! You have to order a new one from the glass-and-cup-department, and it will cost ya a month’s salary I tell ya, and maybe worse; it takes quite a while for them to make a new one for you so no drinks for a month or two.

Larry: Damn!

Joe: Yeah, but you will most likely get it back, because of your engraved name and social number, and the fact that anyone that returns a found glass gets a reward of a decent amount of money.

Larry: You have thought of everything, haven’t you?

Joe: Nah, it’s more like common sense I would say.
One more drink?