Citizens of the Galaxy is a nonprofit non-group that you cannot join. There are no membership fees to pay or hats to wear. You are either in it, or you’re not. C.O.T.G can be anywhere at any time. We span multiple generations and occupy no particular time and space. There is no flag and no nationality. We are neither girls nor boys, women or men. All are welcome as long as you have the mindset. You will NOT be given a user guide or a pamphlet to read. You are already a part of it because you already know what it is. If you are not sure whether you have what it takes and whether you are a part of C.T.O.G. then you are probably already in it. We operate from a place of uncertainty and welcome anyone who is not certain. If you are absolutely sure of yourself- you are probably not a Citizen of the Galaxy!

Be a part of something much bigger than yourself! Be a Citizen of the Galaxy today!