Dinosaurs all over the world came up from the ground to demonstrate what they call “dinosaur appropriation”. NASA promised that next time they will fire dinosaurs into the asteroid to knock it off course. This will commemorate the day the dinosaurs were wiped out by an asteroid. The dinosaurs seemed placated by the announcement as they retreated back into the earth.

SpokesDinosaur, Thorenoussardus gave a claws up and added, “Grrr” as she dug her way back into the swamp from whence she came.

Plans to construct the interstellar dino canon are already underway.

Asteroids – bringer of life and death

We all have been told that the dinosaurs became extinct due to a huge asteroid that hit Mexico. Now that theory is seriously challenged by Dr. Unc. He claims that the dinosaurs came to earth inside the asteroid. They were just fine and spread quickly all over the world. They ate anything and everything until there was nothing left to eat. So they started to eat each other, and that’s why they didn’t last long on earth. That was great luck for the humans that came to earth with the next huge asteroid. “We are all such space travelers!” Says Dr. Unc.

Newsflash from the future (2066)

Breaking news! 

Next up in sports! Who will host the Summer Olympics? 

The asteroid, Hellfire 66 might get a bit closer to earth than expected, NASA sources say. Authorities remind you not to panic and to remain calm and indoors. When asked if this asteroid is a global killer, scientists responded with a resounding, “certainly not!” Again, please remain indoors and remember not to panic as the situation is, quote “under control”.

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