Smart or haunted?

Houses of today are so smart that you can’t tell if it’s haunted or just smart and buggy! The ghostbusters union are upset, and claim that their members and workers suffer from this uncertain tech evolution.

Ghostbuster Jeb: Yes, We are so fucked! All people just call IT-support instead of calling us, the ghostbusters. It’s really sad. I guess I have to go back to school and become an engineer instead. I don’t like it!

Thorenoussardus Hiring

Thorenoussardus is now hiring a new Key Accounts Manager to replace Jeb. We thought we would reach out to our readers first. If you know anything about keys or accounts, please contact us. If you can manage stuff, that would be a bonus! Apply now and you will be given a signing bonus. We are currently enjoying a VERY expensive lobster dinner and will probably be in prison before the week is out- so please apply now!

Jeb Resigns… again

I’m tired of it. This Thorenoussardus shit is too much. I’m sick of it and I quit. This time I ain’t coming back. Let ’em get somebody else to do the job. I got better things to do. I mean, you guys reading this shit?! This thing done gone off the rails! Besides, I’m busy with space and stuff.

Look up. You gonna see this mother f**ker orbiting around the earth. -Jeb