Space and common people

Have you heard about the latest trend? Common people are now refusing to believe that the space program is for everyone! They don’t trust the government and think that the space program is only meant for the elite. In response to this, a new movement has been created to make space travel accessible to all. They want to crowdfund rockets so that everyone can experience the wonders of space exploration. But will common people trust this new movement? Only time will tell!

Apocalypse Wow

See the world go under from your very own front row seat! Our space shuttle, Titan is taking off just before the apocalypse. However it looks, we are prepared for almost anything. We will remain airborne for 24-hours, with all the luxury you can imagine.

Apocalypse Wow – Leave earth and die in style!


Powercells made from ants is giving us the next generation car batteries.

Tech reporter Jeb Dolittle: Well I heard from a trusted source at Tesla R&D that they have a prototype that runs on 1 billion ants in a kind of ecosystem inside the battery. They live, die and reproduce forever and ever. True eco drive I tell ya!


Elon Musk complains about Twitter-servers electricity consumption.
“The yearly costs are like one of my mars rockets!”

“However, the solution I came up with is as green as it is fun!”, Musk says after buying Sea World.

“EEL ON, let that sink in!”

“We will fill up a large aquarium with hundreds of thousands of electric eels, connecting all our Twitter servers to get full power 24/7!